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Inmate Details Plot to Implicate Heather Kamp

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Charleston, S.C. -- Antjuan Green, a fellow inmate housed with Ethan Mack took the witness stand Friday in the Kate Waring Murder Trial.

Green testified Mack recruited him in a plot to pin Kate Waring's death on his girlfriend Heather Kamp.

Green told the courtroom he overheard a conversation between Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp inside the Charleston County Detention Center. 

A Claim that seems to back earlier testimony by Heather Kamp alleging the two were in constant communication while behind bars.

Green told jurors about a conservation during which, Mack asked his girlfriend to write a letter apologizing for telling police he was the one who struck Waring with a wine bottle and drown her in a bathtub; all in an effort to get Kamp to take the fall.

Ethan Mack sat stone faced as he listened to Green's Testimony.

"I heard him saying baby why you told those people on me," Green told the courtroom.

Green says Mack used a coaxing tone to force Kamp to write a letter placing the blame for Waring's death on her.

After overhearing the conversation between recreation yards at the Charleston County Correctional Facility, Mack approached Green and asked him if he had heard what was going on.

The two reportedly had a lengthy conversation of their own in which Mack told Green of his plot to beat his murder charge by placing the blame on his former lover.

During his testimony, 99th Circuit Solicitor Scarlet Wilson asked Green to recall what happened next.

"He wanted you to write a letter about what you actually heard?" Wilson asked.  

"Yes." Green Responded

"Well did you hear very much?"

"No I didn't hear too much, "he said.

But what Green says he did hear was enough for Ethan Mack to ask him for his help.

"He wanted to try to put the charged crime on her," Greene told Prosecutors.

The two reportedly conspired to write a second letter detailing how Green overheard an emotional Kamp admit to killing Kate Warring and tipping off authorities.

"This is basically like the blue print of what he wanted me to write and the words he wanted me to write in it," Green said.  

Prosecutors say Mack planned to have green tip off authorities when Kamp's actual letter arrived.

Instead, Green told authorities about the plot in hopes of getting years shaved off his jail time.

Green has a long criminal history and faces a life sentence behind bars.

 An Attorney for Heather Kamp questioned Greens motives, pegged him as desperate man trying to escape life in prison.

The trial will break for the weekend and continue Monday morning.

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