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Mistrial Declared In Ethan Mack Murder Trial

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Charleston, SC (WCIV) - After 14 hours of deliberation, the judge has called a mistrial in the Ethan Mack murder trial. This comes after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the murder charge against Mack. The judge did give Mack the maximum sentence on the two charges the jury was able to reach a verdict on including: ten years for obstruction of justice and five years for forgery.  From this point Solicitor Scarlett Wilson will have the opportunity to retry Mack on the murder charge, but it is unknown at this time if she will do so.           

Jurors began deliberating around 4:30 Thursday afternoon after both sides wrapped up their closing arguments.  Then around 2:20 Friday afternoon, the jury gave the judge a note saying they had not reached a verdict on one of the three charges against Mack.  The judge then proceeded to give the jury an Allen Charge, which forced them back into deliberation to attempt to reach an verdict on the final charge, or else a mistrial would be called.


Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp were both accused of killing Waring at their James Island home, and dumping her body on Wadmalaw island.
Four months later, On October 7th 2009, Mack and Kamp were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and forgery.
Kamp then led Charleston police to Wadmalaw Island where she says they dumped Waring's remains.
On October 10th, a team of private investigators found her body off Polly Point road.

In February of this year, both Kamp and Mack were charged with Waring's murder.
Heather Kamp reached a plea deal for a lesser charge back in September, in exchange for her testimony against her ex-lover, Ethan Mack.
Kamp was sentenced to 45 years behind bars.

Heather Kamp's plea agreement has since been thrown out, after her testimony against Mack during his murder trial.  She is now charged with murder again.
Heather Kamp testified under oath that they hit waring over the head with a wine bottle, stuffed her in a suitcase, and then drowned her.
After killing Waring, Mack allegedly bought cleaning supplies, cleaned up the crime scene, wrapped waring in a blanket, smoked marijuana, took a nap before driving the body to Wadmalaw Island.
Kamp said Mack had once worked construction near the place where they left Warings' body.

The defense started calling up witnesses Tuesday, including Mack's mother and sister.  On Thursday the defense called up its final witnesses including local drug screener Doctor Robert Bennet to the stand.  The defense questioned him about DNA.

Then, both sides delivered their closing arguments. The defense targeted the prosecution's key witness, Heather Kamp, also accused of killing Waring. They said the prosecution only has the "ramblings of a crazy person."

The prosecution told the jury Ethan Mack killed Waring and that by law, "the hand of one is the hand of all." Solicitor Scarlett Wilson says Mack made his choice and says he chose Kamp over his friend, Kate Waring.

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