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ABC News 4 Internship Program

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1. This academically oriented program is designed to provide students with professional experience in furtherance of their education and training. Interns are NOT employees of WCIV-TV.

2. The intern program is for the benefit of the interns rather than WCIV-TV and interns are trained under close supervision. Interns do not displace regular employees.


To offer up to three (3) News internships per semester or summer.

1. Duration: One semester, hours per week dependent upon credit hours. Hours will be determined based on the intern's areas of interest and class schedule.

2. Intern will learn about various news skills including the following by assisting the news staff in setting up news interviews, gathering facts and producing news stories, accompanying reporters on news stories, rehearsing reporter stand-ups, rehearsing studio sit-ins (off air), news writing, producing newscasts, setting up/breaking down lights, operating ENG equipment, ENG editing, operating TelePrompTer, and working the assignment desk.

3. Supervisor: Assistant News Director.


1. At the end of the internship, the supervisor will complete the WCIV-TV Internship Evaluation and review it with the intern. Evaluations may be sent to the intern's advisor, if requested by the academic institution.

2. The supervisor will also complete and submit any additional evaluation forms required by the academic institution.


APPLICATION -- download application

1. Apply by completing the application form available from WCIV-TV, and mailing it to Human Resources Director, WCIV-TV, P.O. Box 22165, Charleston, SC 29413-2165.

2. An internship applicant must be seriously interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.

3. An internship applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited institute of higher learning and must be eligible to receive academic credit for the internship.

4. An internship applicant must secure the permission of his/her college advisor and his/her college intern office and be available for an interview as part of the application process.

5. This internship is without pay and the intern is not entitled to wages for training time or any other portion of the program. The intern is not entitled to a job at the completion of the program.

6. Please call WCIV-TV's Human Resources Director or our News Internship Coordinator at 843-881-4444, if you have any questions.


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