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Obama cuts sentence with typo, plans more clemency

President Barack Obama on Tuesday cut prison time for a drug convict sentenced to more than three extra years because of a typographical error in a court order. More>>

Man with 1st name 'God' sues credit rating agency

A New York City man claims that a credit reporting agency falsely reported he had no financial history because his first name is God. More>>

79-year-old player joins Dubuque elementary band

One member of the Kennedy Elementary School band in Dubuque brings a certain maturity to his playing. More>>

Abandoned croc captured at California strip mall

This is one crocodile that didn't want to become a handbag. More>>

Lawsuit: Male stripper did show at NY nursing home

An 85-year-old nursing home patient was the victim of "disgraceful sexual perversion" when a male stripper gyrated in front of her against her will at the suburban New York facility, an attorney for the woman's family... More>>

Police: Burglary suspects pocket-dialed 911

Two Minnesota burglary suspects are arrested after police say one of them accidentally called 911 and left the line open as the pair discussed the crime. More>>

Judge says flashing headlights is free speech

Hauling a truckload of logs to a Southern Oregon mill last fall, Chris Hill noticed a sheriff's deputy behind him and flashed his lights to warn a UPS driver coming the other way. More>>

Crocodile caught wandering around California mall

Don't shed any tears for a crocodile that was captured wandering outside a pet store at a Northern California shopping mall. More>>

Commuter's video shows rat terrifying NYC subway

Turns out, New Yorkers are just as wimpy as anyone else. More>>

WWI artillery shells found in luggage at O'Hare

Baggage screeners at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport have discovered two World War I artillery shells in checked luggage that arrived on a flight from London. More>>

NC man sentenced to jail for sucking woman's toes

A North Carolina man who sucked an unwilling woman's toes inside a Wal-Mart has been sentenced to 60 days in jail. More>>

Washington state sewage plant invites weddings

A sewage treatment plant near Seattle is advertising its availability as a wedding venue. More>>

In China, jar of French mountain air fetches $860

Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned from a business trip in southern France with well-rested lungs and a small item of protest against his home city's choking pollution: a glass jar of clean, Provence air. More>>

Computer support call leads to burglary arrest

Mike Witonis got an email from Apple thanking him for calling customer service about his laptop computer. Problem is, someone had stolen it from him a year earlier. More>>

Students line LA street with desks in protest

Los Angeles students protesting neglect of poorer schools took to the streets, and they brought their desks with them. More>>

Giant Marilyn Monroe arrives at temporary new home

A larger-than-life sculpture of Marilyn Monroe has arrived safely in New Jersey after a cross-country trip by flatbed. More>>

Woman complains to police about marijuana quality

Police in East Texas have arrested a woman after she called them to complain about the quality of the marijuana she had purchased from a dealer. More>>

Massachusetts home intruder turns out to be a duck

Police in Massachusetts responding to reports of an intruder in a woman's home quickly quacked the case. More>>

Pets vie for mayor in Colorado fundraiser

The chief operating officer at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter in Colorado knows she's not supposed to have favorites, but she wants soulful-eyed bloodhound Pa Kettle to be mayor. More>>

Police probe Smart car vandalism in San Francisco

Four Smart cars were flipped over in an apparent vandalism spree Monday in two San Francisco neighborhoods. More>>

No tacos for you: NY restaurant chain 'bans' Putin

Hey Putin, don't even think about ordering a Super Mighty in Buffalo. More>>

2-legged Washington dog charms millions with video

A dog in Washington state has no rear legs, but he can balance enough to run on only his front legs, as millions of people have seen in a YouTube video. More>>

Man wants $140, broken Maine ATM spits out $37,000

A malfunctioning ATM at a bank in Maine has dispensed $37,000 in cash to a man who requested $140. More>>

Philly skyscraper-sized Tetris game wows hundreds

Hundreds of Tetris fans had a little fun Saturday with a big version of the classic video game. More>>

Russian envoy urges US officials to 'do yoga'

A senior Russian diplomat says U.S. officials should do yoga and watch TV comedy series to ease what he calls their irrational fixation on punishing Russia over Ukraine. More>>

Philly police: Row over man sparks rat retaliation

Philadelphia police are looking for several suspects in what appears to be a case of rat retaliation. More>>

Correction: Python Rescued story

In a story March 31 about a firefighter who rescued a snake in Muskegon, Mich., The Associated Press, relying on information from The Muskegon Chronicle, reported erroneously that the snake was a 6-foot python, according... More>>

Tree trimmer hospitalized with chain saw in neck

A tree trimmer is recovering after he was rushed to a Pittsburgh hospital with a chain saw blade embedded in his neck. More>>

Woman pays $200 bill with coins, town says no more

A Pennsylvania township is asking residents to keep the change. More>>

Dog escapes Texas backyard, somehow gets to Ohio

A small dog that escaped its fenced-in yard in Texas was found outside a southwest Ohio animal shelter, and its owners have no idea how he traveled more than 1,000 miles in a few days. More>>

Priest touches off anger after toy complaints

A Roman Catholic priest has touched off a controversy in Poland after news media quoted him describing toys like LEGO's Monster Fighters as tools of Satan that lead children to the "dark side." More>>

Willie Nelson's armadillo returned after theft

A stuffed armadillo that serves as an on-stage mascot for country music legend Willie Nelson has been returned after being kidnapped from a Las Vegas-area show. More>>

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