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Progress As Promised Signs Under Fire

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It started with a groundbreaking for a new city project and that's when Councilor Jack Henderson says his eyes were opened to the progress as promised signs that normally have the names of the city councilors. 

 "And when I saw that I said something's going on." says District 1 City Councilor Jack


Each sign lists the progress towards the projects completion. Originally he says everyone's name was supposed to removed from the signs.

" And the mayor still wanted his name still on there. And the more I started seeing these all over town, I said that's kind of misleading," says Henderson.

 We drove on Yale avenue and found signs with the only the mayor's name  at 5th, 9th, 11th, and 35th streets. We found a similar sign at 75th at Harvard. None of signs included the councilors name like this one at 56th and highway 75. So why were the signs changed, Councilor Henderson reminding us it is an election year. Mayor Bartlett is running for a second term and says this wrong message to send according to Councilor Henderson.

" This sign was really cut. You see the line going across it it was actually take off and another part put on it and that's when I really said oh okay I see what happened. This sign could have been one that had everybody's name on it  rather than messing it up they put a line across it and then they just added it to it," Councilor Henderson won't speculate who is responsible for the signs changing, he just wants them changed back, and brought it before the council to get them changed.


"Somebody made a decision to leave a name on and take the rest of them off and I think that was a bad decision," adds Henderson.

The city says the engineering department will put the signs back at the councilors request.

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