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Water and Sewer Rates Set to Go Up in Bristow

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Residents in Bristow are about to see higher water and sewer bills. They'll go up more than 30 percent in the next month, which means some local businesses could see an increase of 100 dollars.

Kenny's Convenience store has been on Main Street for the past 10 years and the owner said they haven't seen a big increase in utility bills in years, and maybe if it had come over several years it would be better to take.

"It would be a lot easier to swallow and it would be a lot easier for everyone to take, when you don't see it 7 or 8 years time and then it hits you all at once, it's going to be more noticeable," Owner and CEO Kenny's Convenience store Kenny Cook said.

That lack of an increase is the driving force for this hike.

"We haven't kept up for the price of inflation over the years," Bristow Mayor Ralph Barnett said.

Barnett said the city has been trying to make the shortfall in sales tax revenue over the past few years other ways, but with just a little increase in water and sewer bills in January this has to happen and the residents have to make up the difference.

The average residents bills will go from 18 to 25 dollars for water and 11 to 15 dollars for sewage. That's a total change of 29 to 40 dollars. Barnett said since this has happened they are now planning for the future.

"It's fixing a problem that should have been fixed years ago should have been up three percent a year and we wouldn't have been in this particular shape," Barnett said.

As for businesses like, Kenny's it means a bigger price tag than 11 dollars.

"I am basically looking at an increase of well over a hundred dollars a month," Cook said, "When you have equipment like we have in the store, a main item like an ice machine that is water cooled that water is running through it 24 hours a day."

Cook is hopeful he will not have to pass the increase to his customers because he is already starting to find ways to save money.

"Makes me start wondering if I need to shut my ice machine off at night time or do something different to combat the problem," Cook said.

Barnett said the trash rate is the only city utility bill not going up. It is staying around 10 dollars.

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