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Two Found Dead After Reported Double Suicide in Midtown

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The front door had a note taped to it, so that the first person who came along would know what was inside.

"Seems to indicate that this was a double suicide," said TPD Captain Dave Roberts.

At first, police thought perhaps it was a murder/suicide, but as they investigated into the afternoon...

"Everything they've observed so far indicates that this was two people who chose to end their lives," he said.

Family members who arrived at the scene declined to comment, trying as they could to come to terms with what just happened.

"My heart goes out to this family, and if there's anything I can do to help them, they can call me," said Joan Benedict.

She lost her daughter Chelsea back in 2007. A 22 year-old who had suffered from depression.

"The first year by far is the toughest. And I think you're just kind of, I know when people would talk to me, it was like I could see the mouth moving, but I just was not comprehending or hearing the words," she said.

She's kept busy. Starting support groups, helping her cope with the roller coaster ride of emotions.

"I don't know how long it was before I finally, the first day that I didn't cry over it. Then you think you're doing good for a while and all of a sudden it'll hit you like a brick wall, you're down again," she said.

While the circumstances that lead to suicide vary, the aftermath is often singular and shared; a profound sense of enduring loss.

"Does it get any easier? I know a lot of people, and this is something we talk about in group. People will look at you and say, 'My gosh it's been 5 years, I mean come on, aren't you over it yet?' I don't know if it's getting over it, I think you learn to live with that, that pain," she said.

For more information about support groups call 918-812-7609.

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